JUMVEA Privacy Policy

In accordance with the provisions of the Law Regarding the Protection of Personal Information, this Website endeavors to handle personal information properly.
Gathering and Using Personal Information
This Website receives personal information in the following instances:
  • Inquiries from traders interested in joining our association
  • Inquiries to our association
As a method for gathering personal information, we ask people to send us their name, email address, and the details of their inquiry via the email form provided on our Website. This information is only used for replying to the email address provided us.
Information gathered through this Website is managed under the responsibility of the general manager of the Executive Office.

(Re: Disclosure of Personal Information Gathered through This Website)

Personal information gathered through this Website is not disclosed to a third party, except in the following instances:
  • If we receive the consent of the owner
  • If disclosure is required by a court-issued warrant
  • If disclosure is required by law
  • In case of imminent danger to a personfs life, body or property, if there is urgent need and it would be difficult to obtain the consent of the owner

(Re: Cookies)

The cookies on this Website might be stored and referenced on the computer of a person using this Website. This Website handles cookies in the same way as personal information.

(Re: Changes in gObtaining and Using Personal Information)

The policy posted on this Website regarding gObtaining and Using Personal Informationh is subject to change in its entirety or portions thereof.