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Lubricants, Filters, New and Used parts, New and Used cars, Trucks

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Latin America, Middle East, Asia, Oceania, Caribbean, Africa, Europe, North America, East Africa, West Africa, South West Asia, Asia Pacific, South East Asia, East Europe, Russia

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  • Nuru

    Export-Import Manager

  • Yoji Tagami


We export new and quality used cars from Japan around the world. Further, we provide many value addition services on customer's requests before exporting the vehicles.


Ever since the JDA was established about half a century ago, we have aimed to be a company that is loved, trusted, and enduring by providing high-quality products to the market at affordable prices and developing products that suit the market. This company’s basic policy is that we manufacture in Japan and sell overseas. Our headquarters are located in Nishi-ku, Osaka. Within Japan, we also have a container terminal, warehouse, and filter-manufacturing factory in Nara prefecture, as well as a branch in Otaru City, Hokkaido. Overseas, there are several local subsidiaries and authorized agents. Our main products are engine oil and filters for automobiles, bikes, and industrial machinery, etc.

• June 1972: Company foundation
• President: Tagami Yoji
• President Biography: 1952y was born in Hiroshima
>Nihon University graduation (Engineering), Sakura engineering Rugby Team
>Nihon University Institute of Technology Alumni Association Osaka Branch Chief
>President of JDA Co., Ltd
>President of Daiko Insurance Service Limited
>President of Kotobuki Factory Co., Ltd. (Filter parts supply to domestic market) Director of JDA
>New Zealand Ltd
>Golden JDA Myanmar Shareholder
• Dealer License No: Osaka Public Safety Commission Permit number 621071301357
• Registration of Collection Operators: Governor of Osaka Registration number 20271001913
• Chlorofluorocarbon recovery registration: Osaka 04A(1)0163
• 2014 Year: Started manufacturing and selling JDA brand filters to overseas markets
• 2014 Year: Opened storage and physical distribution center in Nara
• 2015 Year: Established Golden JDA Myanmar Auto Service Center
• June 2015: Started manufacturing and selling JDA brand lubricants to over-sea markets
• June 2016: Established JDA New Zealand Limited.

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