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Dealer, Auction Agent, Exporter


English, Japanese

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Vehicles, Trucks, Machinery

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Latin America, Middle East, Worldwide, Asia, Oceania, Caribbean, Africa, Europe, North America, East Africa, West Africa, South West Asia, Asia Pacific, South East Asia, East Europe, Russia

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  • Masatoshi Abe


  • Kohei Tomita

    Corporate Planning Div.


The used car export market has been expanding. 700,000 cars were exported in 2003, 800,000 cars in 2004, and 1,000,000 cars were exported in 2005. We played an important role in this increase.

We collect the latest information, critical for your used car business.
Our staff, select appropriate information, to meet the customers' needs, and prepare proposals for import companies around the globe. The purchase of vehicles and prompt arrangements for exportare then prepared.

Utilizing our system and network, we can supply used cars with low costs. Our innovative used car exporting systems, have gained us a positive reputation in the export industry. We manage Heiwa-Net a tool developed to display and sell the vehicles purchased at auctions in Japan, to customers in New Zealand and world wide. Attachments of both evaluation and vehicle condition reports (conducted by an independent party), are available for each unit.

01 Auctions :
Many auctions are held in Japan. We obtain the latest accurate information, utilizing our network. We search for vehicles in excellent condition to export.

2. Marketing Specialists:
Our marketing specialists collect the vehicle information from auctions, and send the information to our customers. Based on our customer’s requirements we purchase vehicles at market rates that meet our customer needs.

3. Warehouse :
After vehicles are purchase, we store them in our warehouse until shipping. We inspect each vehicle's condition while in storage.

4. Exports :
After the inspections and repairs, the vehicles are passed through custom clearance and shipped to the customers.

5. Customers :
We strive to provide the vehicles to our customers in excellent condition. We have earned our customer's trust which ensures customers satisfaction and return business.

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