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Hiroshi Okada  [President]


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We can supply the high quality and inexpensive used car stably in high condition.


We are the exportation department of the used car dealer and locatied in West Japan.
We can supply the high quality and inexpensive used car stably in high condition.

We have the career of the car sale in 18 and the car repair industry in the Japanese country.
We made the purchasing network which was characteristic of new car dealer of all the brands of the Japanese car for the time.

The car of other manufacturers is assessed cheap, and a new Japanese car dealer is taken as a trade-in to raise the predominance of our company brand.
It sends its work to much for the auction if the car of these trade-ins is sold in the store.
Of course, when it is necessary, we stock it with these cars in the price before sending one's work for the auction.

Then, we change the definite vehicles of the history of the car from some 1000 of client who possesses a Japanese domestic store and a car repair shop, and or we can stock it by the purchase, too.

Of course, to purchase from the auto auction for the other Inc. to accompany, too, is easy.
( HAA-group, JU-group, CAA-group, TOYOTA AA-group, etc, tens of venues )

We join JAAI ( the Japanese car valuation society ).
It becomes the eyes of the customer in the foreign country who can not confirm a spot vehicle and it is inspecting once again the vehicle in addition to the inventory vehicle which was purchased by the auction, too.
So as not to give the customer disadvantage, it is plotting the improvement of the doing valuation technology in the number, the technology study and training the year.

Our serviceable factory and serviceable man have the technology and the experience which satisfies the vehicle inspection system standard of Japan which will be the most severe in the world.
It is possible to repair inexpensively according to the budget if there is hope in the body sheet metal department, too.

We can supply used parts, reorganization parts replay part and then, with a remarkable personality in addition to the new article parts of the Japanese car, too, inexpensively