Caution : Please beware of any fraud emails or bank accounts in name of JUMVEA or JUMVEA members. Before making any payments contact JUMVEA first. Read More....


JUMVEA Safe Trade

JUMVEA Safe Trade (JUST)

JUMVEA (Japan Used Motor Vehicle Exporters Association) Safe Trade (JUST) is a secure payment service that protects both buyers and suppliers. By using JUMVEA Safe Trade you do not have to worry about losing your money if the supplier does not ship your vehicle. Safety of both parties is guaranteed by JUMVEA.
JUMVEA is a non profit government recognized business association approved by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) gurantees safety of both supplier and buyer. JUST ensures quick and easy supply of best quality used vehicles from Japan without any worries of loss or fraud.

Features of JUMVEA Safe Trade (JUST)

100% protection of your money.

Secure Payment
  • Overseas Buyers contact Supllier (JUMVEA Safe Trade Member) and order JUMVEA Safe Trade while ordering a vehicle without worry of losing money and receiving no vehicle.

How your money is protected by JUMVEA Safe Trade?

Secure for Buyer
  • JUST is very simple, reliable and trustworthy service by JUMVEA that protects your money 100%.
  • Buyers should send money into our below JUMVEA Bank A/C only.
  • JUMVEA keeps your money safe, until dealer ships your vehicle.
  • Note: JUMVEA checks Bill of Landing (shipping instruction), makes sure that your vehicle is on board.

Receive your vehicle quick and easy.

  • Supplier receives money from JUMVEA only after the vehicle is shipped.
  • Buyer receive all necessary documents at the earliest.

Receive your vehicle quick and easy.

Payment Gurantee
  • JUST pays back money if buyer does not receive ordered car or documents from exporter after deducting the bank transfer charges.
  • JUMVEA guarantees 100% safety for your payments.

Easy to use JUST for buying cars !!

Safe Payment
  • Arranging JUST is very simple. Please ask Supplier (JUMVEA Safe Trade member) that you wish to buy through JUST.

How does JUMVEA Safe Trade works?

Step Step 1 - Contact with JUST Members

Contact to Supplier
  • Select the desired vehicle from JUMVEA Safe Trade member's stock list.
  • Contact the members and request for the proforma invoice for the selected vehicle to pay through JUST.

Step Step 2 - Proforma Invoice Issued

Document send to Buyer
  • We will send Proforma Invoice with Car FOB price + JPY 20,000 or US$200* (handling charge for JUST).
  • NOTE: The proforma Invoice will carry the above mentioned bank details of our JUMVEA Bank A/C where the payment is to be deposited.

Step Step 3 - Payment Deposit

Deposit in Bank
  • Buyer must send the payment according to Proforma Invoice in our JUMVEA Bank A/C.
  • Once the Payment is reflected in our JUMVEA's bank A/C. JUMVEA will intimate us to arrange for the shipment of your vehicle.

Step Step 4 - Arrange Shipment

Shipping Document
  • After the payment information from JUMVEA, we will arrange for the shipment of your vehicle.
  • We will forward the Shipping documents (B/L) to JUMVEA and copy of documents to buyer.

Step Step 5 - Payment Release

Shipping Document
  • JUMVEA after receiving the B/L will release the payment to us.
  • If a buyer does not send a handling charge, JUMVEA will not accept this deal.
    These handing charge is for buyer's safe, not supplier's BENEFIT.
    All buyers must pay handling charge JPY 20,000 or US$200*.
  • We will send the documents to buyer by courier/EMS.

Step Step 6 - Received Car & Feedback

  • Buyer will receive the ordered vehicle safely.
  • Buyers can provide their reviews on JUMVEA SAFE TRADE.

JUST handling charges

Handling Charges
  • If Buyer do not send JUST handling charges JPY 20,000 or US$200* and supplier also disagree to pay JUST charges, JUMVEA will refund your money after deducting bank charges and JUST handling charges.
*JUMVEA = Japan Used Motor Vehicle Exporters Association
*JUST = JUMVEA Safe Trade
*JPY 20,000 or US$200 = Charges is for each payment transaction. For example, if you are sending one invoice payment in 2 parts, you have to pay charges each times (2 times). No limit of amount or number of vehicles in one transaction.