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Kobe Motor Company

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英語, 日本語, ウルドゥー語, シンハラ語, スペイン語, ロシア語, フィリピン語, グルジア語


英語, 日本語, ウルドゥー語, シンハラ語, スペイン語, ロシア語, フィリピン語, グルジア語



  • Ali

    Managing Director

Exporters of used and new Japanese Motor Vehicles


Kobe Motor Company is one of the pioneering and emerging leaders in the used car export market from Japan and Singapore. Our services are well tailored to customers’ choice and need of vehicles.

As our motto says: "You name it, we deliver it."

Incorporated in 1998, presently located in Shin-Yokohama with closer access to the Yokohama Port has entrenched Kobe Motor Company’s growth and capacity to potential markets worldwide.Our foundation to success was on capitalizing one single market at a time through growth and penetration. We initially set sight on the Sri Lankan market from exporting 20-30 vehicles a month, and today, we have expanded and grown to continuously export more than 1000 vehicles a month worldwide serving to well over 35 countries in 5 different continents, now a truly global company.

In 2002, we opened our first sub-office in Singapore (known as Kobe Trading (Singapore) PTE LTD) to further add more variety and quantity to our existing fleet of stock to reach wider and potential customers worldwide. Success from the first couple of years has placed us among the top three used vehicle exporters in Singapore and is indeed a great success to Kobe Motor Company’s achievements.

The reputation and success of Kobe Motor Company is well known for its great prices and quality vehicles. Success greatly relies on the Kobe Motor team, which encompasses a well diversified, experienced and a well-trained staff.Each member works as a team,sharing ideas and collaborating their opinions to bring the optimum result to each activity they engage, which has truly been the trademark of Kobe Motor Company’s strength. However, there are few areas of concerns that still exist which we are constructively working to provide greater efficiency on every aspect we do business to achieve our goal of 100% customer satisfaction.

We provide our customers

1. Better customer service
2. High quality vehicles
3. Quick shipment
4. Better prices