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About Minato Car's

Minato Cars is one of the leading automobiles trading companies in Japan. We are the exporters of new and used motor vehicles, from japan to all over the world. Being in the Japanese vehicles exporting business for over 15 years, Minato Cars also has agent offices in UAE, Uganda, Kenya and Pakistan. Our customers range from individual buyers to dealers and to large organizations that recognize the importance of dealing with a legally recognized and certified company as Minato Cars.

We have official membership of all Auction House within Japan. Having many kinds of auction terminals allows Minato Cars to ensure the most reasonable prices among all the exporters in Japan. At Minato Cars, we are consistently improving our mode of operations to supply you access to the highest of quality in used cars with fast, reliable, and premium services. Creating the structure of exporting quality vehicles from the main ports of both the Western & Eastern Japan districts,covering all important ports.