JUMVEA Chairman Speech

JUMVEA PresidentHiroshi Sato
Our association was formed in September 1995 as the Japan Used Motor Vehicle Exporters Alliance, mostly among exporters of used Japanese cars, after the implementation of revisions in the Export Trade Control Ordinance, based on policies for the deregulation of trade in 1995. With the approval of the Minister of International Trade and Industry, our association was reestablished on June 1, 1997, as the JAPAN USED MOTOR VEHICLE EXPORTERS ASSOCIATION.
In its present situation, the export of used Japanese vehicles has been growing along with the export of new vehicles produced by Japanese car manufacturers who boast the highest technological level among automobile-producing nations. Based on the excellent quality and fair prices of Japanese vehicles, used vehicle exports from Japan have continued to increase over the past thirty years. Recently, the number of exported vehicles exceeded 1.3 million. These vehicles are exported to 180 countries around the world, including, two large markets such as Russia and New Zealand. In the future, further increases of Japanese used export are expected especially to the developing countries whose economic foundation is now being established.
Meanwhile, however, amid the prolonged stagnation of the Japanese economy, sluggish sales of new cars have been accompanied by a shortage in the supply of quality used vehicles. And in addition to eased various regulations with the implementation of the liberalization of trade, the effects of the elimination of those regulations, and more stringent competition due to an increase in the number of new exporters, there has also been a sharp increase in illicit export, including the export of stolen vehicles and illegally rebuilt or remodeled vehicles, resulting in a breakdown of order in the export industry. With this situation it caused a deterioration of the environment surrounding the export of used motor vehicles industry which is resulting big social problems
Amid such a situation, our association has continued to operate idealistically to contribute to the sound distribution of used vehicles, endeavoring to establish order in the export of used vehicles, improving the social and economic standing of our members, trying to export the quality vehicles, and, in order to satisfy the needs of customers in various and numerous countries, strengthen our cooperative relations with the Governments of nations (and related organizations) around the world which import used motor vehicles.
Hiroshi Sato
Japan Used Motor Vehicle Exporters Association