Caution : Please beware of any fraud emails or bank accounts in name of JUMVEA or JUMVEA members. Before making any payments contact JUMVEA first. Read More....

JUMVEA Caution

CAUTION Before Pay, Contact JUMVEA First !

Japan Used Motor Vehicle Exporters Association

It is certainly checked before purchase whether it is a trust supplier or not.
You must not decide to purchase because of vehicle price being cheap. Please understand that average vehicle price exists in Japan. Sharply cheap vehicles are not existed compared with an average price if both quality are same.
Although a lot of buyers ask to buy cheap price vehicles, defective vehicles are cheaper than average quality vehicles. (You should remind the quality is always very poor.) Before you decide to pay money, it is much safer for your contacting to JUMVEA and Ask which your deal is safe or not with following informing.
Your Full name,
Full address, E-mail, Tel. Fax,
A purchasing Vehicle, Model,
Register Year
Purchasing Price,
The Supplier Company name,
A name of managing Director,
The sales man name,
Full Address, Tel. Fax,
Most of people informed us only a supplier’s name, we can’t find out only a company name. And we can’t reply. JUMVEA can't investigate if not all information are sent.
Some query is not receiving reply from JUMVEA next day after you send a mail to us, We do ask you to understand performing this work by good faith of JUMVEA.
Please understand that it takes 6 working days or more just to find out the answer
For credit reference
For credit reference for JUMVEA members, we need Member name, Sales man name, Full Address (Tel Fax E-Mail).
There was a scam to make the buyer sent to a different account with using the name of a JUMVEA member. After we receive your information, we will contact to our member and make it sure as soon as possible for you.
We can't help following case:
After you paid money to a fake supplier, we can’t recover your money. You must understand that the cheap price always has a high risk. No one can recover your money except yourself: you must come and accuse a Japanese police with a lawyer in Japan. You must have prepared to spend a huge cost.
The purchasing reasonable price and the purchasing from a reliable supplier do protect you.
And also your purchasing a vehicle by JUMVEA Safe Trade is always safe for you.
Please see JUMVEA Safe Trade
JUMVEA Safe Trade